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  • Carlos Rousseau

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  • Simon Davis

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    Simon Davis of Impec Group explores the transformation of corporate real estate, and the variety of new roles technology will play going forward.

  • Niraj Patel

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    Niraj Patel of Greystone looks outside the industry to solve for the biggest pain points in real estate.

  • Anjee Solanki

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  • Ethan Chernofsky

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    Ethan Chernofsky of examines the changes we've seen in retail post-pandemic, and what it means for the industry going forward.

  • Jesse Carrillo

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    Jesse Carrillo examines how Hines is digitizing internal and external operations, and what kind of payoff he’s seen as a result.

  • Ami Ziff

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    Ami Ziff of Time Equities speaks to innovations that are transforming the way we evaluate, purchase and operate retail properties.

  • Geoffrey Kasselman

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  • Don Weinreich

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  • Mikki Ward

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  • Marat Safir

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  • Ross Rudd

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  • Perspective on the Current and Future Investment Trends in the Proptech Space

    From accelerators to late stage investors, our three expert panelists will share their near and long term perspectives on the impact of the pandemic as well as offer suggestions to entrepreneurs and startups to help them navigate today’s venture capital market. Moderated by CREtech CEO, Michael B...

  • Sandy Sigal

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  • Lee Odess

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  • Paige Pitcher

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  • How to Leverage Data to Deliver Building Automation, Cost Savings and More

    Ilan Zachar, Chief Technology Officer of Carr Properties talks to us on how to leverage our Data to Deliver Building Automation, Cost Savings and Transparency!

  • From Smart Buildings to Intelligent Portfolios

    Tobias Decker, Chief Product Officer of BuildingMinds sheds light on how a data standard for real estate and a holistic platform approach enable to reshape real estate portfolio management.

  • Culture Check: Will your business support tech?

    Hear from James Kurek, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Brandywine Realty Trust and Frank Spadafora, Consultant for CREtech Consulting in a conversation on the current culture in business today and whether or not you are ready to adopt technology.

  • How to Create the Office of the Future

    Join Jamie Hodari (Industrious), Jacinda Lofland (Nuveen), Prasan Kale (Rise), and Corinne Murray (RXR) in an exciting conversation on how to cultivate the next generation of office.

  • Co-Chair Keynote with Mark Grinis of EY

    Co-Chair Mark Grinis of EY delivers a keynote presentation about the future of work at the CREtechU Virtual Summit

  • How to Green your Portfolio

    Join Ryan O'Connor (Clinton Management), Sara Neff (Kilroy), Becca Rushin (Jamestown), Sonu Panda (Prescriptive Data), and Stonly Blue (Urban Us) in a discussion on how to connect the dots between owners and tech to arrive at a more climate positive position in the industry. Hear from the owner, ...

  • Building the World's Largest Real Estate Knowledge Graph

    Dr. Ron Bekkerman, CTO of Cherre introduces and explains what a real estate knowledge graph is, how to build it, and how to use it to extract actionable insights from real estate data.

  • How to Build the Smartest and Greenest Office Buildings in the World

    Want to reduce your building's climate footprint and create a sustainability powerhouse? Learn how in this special earth day session featuring EY's Matthew Narracott, Nordics Real Estate Leader | Business Enablement and Jeffrey Chulick, Global Real Estate Technology and Innovation Leader.