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  • Enterprise-Level Tech Solutions

    Ross Hodges, Global Emerging Technology Solutions Lead for Cushman & Wakefield discusses how he approaches integrating technology, and what startups need to consider when looking to partner with enterprise clients. Hodges also gives insight into what tech he’s most focused on for the future incl...

  • Building Better Real Estate

    Antony Slumbers, Founder of, draws on his experience to answer the question, “how can we use technology to create better real estate?” As Slumbers sights, on average people spend 90% of their time inside, making it critical to improve the spaces that society will experience th...

  • Utilizing Tech to get Ahead of the Pack

    Ghislaine Halpenny, Director of ESG and Corporate Affairs, and Jacob Sullivan, Sales and Marketing Director of Regal London, discuss how they approach technology as a fully integrated business. Watch to see what they believe to be the single most important area to focus on for the future.

  • Positioning for Tech Growth

    Sonu Panda, CEO of Prescriptive Data, and Clint Osteen, Sr. Director of IT for Granite Properties, discuss the future role of technology in the office sector, and how and why to prepare for it.


  • Reaching a Technological Tipping Point

    David Stifter, Founder of PredictAP, argues that we have reached a technological tipping point that enables startups to add value faster than ever before.

  • Game-Changing Workflow Automation Platforms

    Carter Kennedy, CEO of Soloinsight, shares why he believes platform solutions are necessary to evolve the industry in a meaningful way.

  • Transforming the Real Estate Landscape

    Matt Boras, Investor at RXR Realty, dives into why platforms are the future rather than point solutions, and how integration is the key to successful tech transformation.

  • Building Frictionless Properties

    Carrie Denning Jackson, VP of Innovation Operations at Jamestown LP, talks eliminating friction, what she looks for in new tech solutions, and turning data into profit.

  • Evolving Company Culture with Technology

    Brian Vaughn, Sr. Director of Operational Technology Solutions at Cushman & Wakefield, discusses how mandates are affecting technology progress, the benefits of decentralizing the workplace, and why we should break down the proprietary nature of technology solutions.

  • Ideating and Integrating Your Tech Stack

    Robert Entin, EVP & CIO of Vornado Realty Trust, discusses the difference between delivering what a client wants, and what a client needs to give them the competitive advantage, and how technology can make all the difference.

  • Navigating Technology Growth in a Difficult Economy

    Cecilia Li, Chief Information Officer of Urban Edge Properties, provides insight on the Urban Edge Properties approach to integrating new technology solutions, and gives advice to startups in the industry.

  • Ilan Zachar

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    Ilan Zachar, CTO of Carr Properties, discusses data, how to evolve your technology strategy, and why a ‘wise’ property beats a ‘smart’ property.

  • Brian Vaughn

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    Brian Vaughn, Senior Director of Operational Technology Solutions at Cushman & Wakefield, speaks to the importance of creating a big-picture technology strategy to streamline the process and experience for the end users.

  • Carlos Rousseau

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  • Simon Davis

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    Simon Davis of Impec Group explores the transformation of corporate real estate, and the variety of new roles technology will play going forward.

  • Niraj Patel

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    Niraj Patel of Greystone looks outside the industry to solve for the biggest pain points in real estate.

  • Anjee Solanki

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  • Ethan Chernofsky

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    Ethan Chernofsky of examines the changes we've seen in retail post-pandemic, and what it means for the industry going forward.

  • Jesse Carrillo

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    Jesse Carrillo examines how Hines is digitizing internal and external operations, and what kind of payoff he’s seen as a result.

  • Ami Ziff

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    Ami Ziff of Time Equities speaks to innovations that are transforming the way we evaluate, purchase and operate retail properties.

  • Geoffrey Kasselman

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  • Don Weinreich

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  • Mikki Ward

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  • Marat Safir

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