CREtech Climate Podcast

CREtech Climate Podcast

The CREtech Climate Cast is a podcast series devoted to educating, inspiring, and leading the built environment to address the world’s biggest crisis - climate change. Tune in to in-depth conversations with the leading real estate and tech innovators from across the globe with CREtech Climate CEO, Michael Beckerman. The series will host conversations on how the real estate and tech tech sectors are driving transformational change to decarbonize the Built World.

CREtech Climate Podcast
  • Mazyar Mortazavi - Real Estate as a Tool to Drive Profit & Impact

    Mazyar Mortazavi, President and CEO, TAS, shares how an “unconventional impact company” balances profit and impact in tandem, sheds light on the ESG market in Canada, and discusses the four pillars of TAS’ recently published inaugural Annual Impact Report.

  • Rebecca Berry - An Architectural Perspective on Real Estate Sustainability

    Rebecca Berry, President, Finegold Alexander Architects, walks us through her observations concerning the current state of sustainability in the real estate state sector, how AEC will play an increasingly important role in sustainability, and what tools are lacking in the marketplace.

  • Eric Roseman - EV Charging: A Crucial Tool for the Net Zero Transition

    Eric Roseman, Chief Revenue Officer of Xeal Energy unpacks how EV charging is fast becoming a crucial tool in the built environment’s transition to net zero, Xeal’s overall mission, as well as how Xeal's patent-pending charging platform eliminates the need for costly IT/network infrastructure upg...

  • Sandeep Ahuja - Embracing Digital AEC Tools in Built World Sustainability

    Sandeep Ahuja, Co-Founder and CEO at Cove Tool, sheds light on where her passion for ClimaTech came from, why sustainability is such an integral part of Cove Tool, as well as an outlook regarding the role technology will play in helping to decarbonize the built world.

  • Paige Pitcher - Fostering Innovation in the Built Environment

    Paige Pitcher, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Moderne Ventures, unpacks Moderne Ventures’ mission in tackling climate change emanating from the built world, highlights some of their portfolio companies leading the way, and how the real estate sector can be mobilized to adopt better ESG practices.

  • Jonathan Hannam - Built Environment Perspectives in the APAC Region

    Jonathan Hannam, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Taronga Ventures walks us through the early stages of his career in China, his passion for addressing the climate crisis as it relates to the built world, as well as the types of solutions Taronga Group and Taronga Ventures’ seeks investment in.

  • Erin Dunn-Franklin - Sustainable Investing with Goldman Sachs

    Erin Dunn-Franklin, VP Sustainable Investing, Goldman Sachs, discusses why sustainability is such an integral part of Goldman Sachs’ philosophy, areas of climate tech that catches Goldman Sachs’ attention, and an inspiring note for future generations seeking to build a career in sustainability.

  • Deb Noller - Data-Driven Building Operations for a Sustainable Built Environment

    Deb Noller, CEO & Co-Founder, Switch Automation, describes what led them to founding Switch Automation, provides an overview of the company’s suite of smart building platform tools and their benefits in relation to sustainability, as well as a glimpse into the ESG market in New Zealand and the gr...

  • Andres Guzman - Overcoming ESG Data Management and Reporting Hurdles

    Andres Guzman, Head of ESG, Europe - Tishman Speyer, unpacks the evolution of Tishman Speyer's ESG & net-zero strategies, how sustainability has been integrated throughout the company and its portfolio, and highlights ESG Data Management and Reporting issues as well as potential technologies to a...

  • Carl Silbersky - The Evolution of the BIM Sector in Building Sustainability

    Carl Silbersky, Chief Executive Officer of BIMobject, discusses BIMobject's mission, markets served, and how he sees the future of BIM evolving to more actively incorporate the AEC sector in building sustainability.

  • Alex Edds - ESG Marketplace Trends and Priorities

    Alex Edds, Head of Sustainability, Europe, LaSalle Investment Management, discusses how technology can better align to the market needs to support sustainability, the challenges facing the industry, the need to accelerate and scale solutions, and the influence of the 'greening' financial markets ...

  • Christy Hill - ESG Technology Trends in Practice

    Christy Hill, Head of Americas Asset Management and Global Head of ESG, PGIM Real Estate, walks us through some examples of how PGIM has embedded sustainability throughout the company and its portfolio, discusses how other real estate companies that are inspired by PGIM's ESG initiatives can craf...

  • Rachel Steinberg - Decarbonization Made Accessible in Commercial Buildings

    Rachel Steinberg, Head of Mesa (part of Google), walks us through Mesa’s overall mission of offering accessible building controls to an underserved market, how Mesa automates carbon reduction in commercial buildings and the technology trends she sees evolving in real estate sustainability.

  • Shaun Abrahamson - Building A Better World For Everyone

    Shaun Abrahamson, Managing Partner of Third Sphere (fka Urban Us), walks us through the process of finding climate tech companies to invest in, the risks of investing in climate tech, and how we can vastly increase the market for climate tech by educating the built world.

  • Troy Harris - Trees for Climate Change

    Troy Harris, Managing Director of Timberland at Jamestown, discusses what Timberland investment is and how it differs from real estate investment, the role of trees in fighting the climate crisis, and some popular misconceptions about forestry in the United States.

  • Spencer Levy - Accelerating the ESG Agenda

    Spencer Levy, Global Chief Client Officer and Senior Economic Advisor at CBRE, discusses the significance of ESG in conversations about modern day investing, how PropTech is propelling investment ESG, why some areas are slower to embrace climate regulations than others, and how we can push the en...

  • Marika Erdely - Steering the Real Estate Industry in the Right Direction

    Marika Erdely, Founder and CEO of Green EconoME, shares insights into how we can reduce the carbon emissions of existing buildings, how to push the real estate industry to go green, and the biggest challenges when sourcing funding for climate change investments.

  • Hampus Jakobsson - Improving Tech, Together

    Hampus Jakobsson, General Partner, Pale blue dot, speaks on why the climate industry is so interesting, problems that climate tech companies face today, and why the whole industry needs to work together in order to make progress.

  • Mike Moran - The Reward for Reaching Net Zero

    Mike Moran, Chief Markets Officer at Microshare, discusses how climate change is becoming much more relevant in global business conversations, why hopping on the “climate change bandwagon” is a good business decision, and how the younger generations are impacting the world of climate tech.

  • Laura Craft - Leading the Way in ESG Based Investing

    Laura Craft, Senior Vice President and Head of Global ESG Strategy at Heitman, discusses how Heitman uses the resources available for a major global investor to improve carbon emissions, the importance of ESG within modern day investment, and how investment managers assess climate risk and mitiga...

  • Matthew Plante - Pressing Fast-Forward on the Future

    Matthew Plante, Co-Founder and President of Voltus, Inc, walks us through the journey of his company, how they were able to grow in the clean-tech industry, and how they are accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

  • Ami Kotecha - Striving for Sustainability

    Ami Kotecha, Co-Founder & Head of Venture Investments at Amro Partners, discusses how they are making the real estate industry more sustainable, why investing in the environment is a profitable business model, and where the most room for growth is within the world of climate technology.

  • Josh Griffin - Setting the Standard for Carbon Emissions Data

    Josh Griffin, Co-Founder and Chief Policy Officer of nZero, describes how their technology helps companies reach their carbon emission goals while also helping policy makers create positive changes in local and state government.

  • Parag Khanna - Educating the Ecosystem

    Michael Beckerman, CEO, CREtech & Climate sits down with Parag Khanna, Founder and Managing Partner, FutureMap, to unpack the inspiration and drive behind Parag's international best-selling book, ‘Move: The Forces Uprooting Us’. Parag also shares insight on his recent launch of new technology sol...