Sustainability and ESG

Sustainability and ESG

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Sustainability and ESG
  • Evolving Company Culture with Technology

    Brian Vaughn, Sr. Director of Operational Technology Solutions at Cushman & Wakefield, discusses how mandates are affecting technology progress, the benefits of decentralizing the workplace, and why we should break down the proprietary nature of technology solutions.

  • Andres Guzman

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    Andres Guzman, Head of ESG, Europe, at Tishman Speyer, discusses decarbonization, ESG, and why it’s important to consider environmental impacts at every stage of an investment

  • Mazyar Mortazavi

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    Mazyar Mortazavi, CEO and President of TAS Impact, lays out his technology roadmap, as well as how he created a tech-forward company culture.

  • Gregory Dewerpe

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    Gregory Dewerpe, founder of A/O PropTech, speaks to investing in Environmental, Social, and Governance technology to positively affect climate change.
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  • CREtech Climate Webinar: The State of Climate Tech in the Built World

    Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech & CREtech Climate sits down with the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Wall, Brendan Wallace, and Greg Smithies, Partner and Co-Lead of the Climate Technology Investment Team.

    In this rare, candid discussion, Beckerman interviews Brendan and Greg on the l...

  • Climate Alpha: Advanced analytics for the future of real estate

    Where should you sell today to avoid the hazards of tomorrow?
    Where should you invest today to own tomorrow's most valuable real estate?

    Climate Alpha is an AI-Driven advisory service that leverages comprehensive data streams and proprietary machine learning algorithms to produce robust price fo...

  • CREtech Climate Webinar: MOVE!

    Tune in to our exclusive webinar celebrating the upcoming book launch of Dr. Parag Khanna’s MOVE: The Forces Uprooting Us. Greg Lindsay, Director of Applied Research at NewCities and CREtech Climate Leadership Board Member, will join Khanna to look at the forces, such as the climate crisis and di...

  • Miloš Halečka

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  • Mandi Wedin

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  • We Can’t Retrofit our Way to Zero Yet

    Buildings are responsible for almost 40% of global GHG emissions, of which 72% are related to energy for building operation and 28% to energy embodied in construction materials. CRE needs to clean up it’s act and renovate their carbon intensive portfolio. Or do we?

    Retrofitting is an important t...

  • CRE’s 2021 Twin Challenge: The Return to Work & Path to Net-Zero

    As COVID restrictions lessen, office spaces are competing to welcome back tenants. While the debate about what the “new normal” of work will look like continues to be discussed, one thing is clear: tenants and their employees are still concerned about their safety in the office. They now require ...

  • The Occupiers Perspective On Green Workspaces

    As trusted advisors to some of the world’s most significant corporate occupiers, Savills is uniquely positioned to advise and work on some of the world’s most significant occupier projects. In light of the threat that carbon emissions pose to humanity, we see global occupiers prioritizing and adv...

  • CREtech Climate Research: The Future of Real Estate Investment in Climate Tech

    CREtech Climate is proud to release the research findings of a survey assessing climate tech investments in the real estate industry. The survey, which was conducted in partnership with the Urban Land Institute and Fifth Wall provides insights on the trajectory of climate tech investments in the ...

  • How Game-Changing Climate Solutions are a Win/Win for the Built Environment

    Hear from speakers Kate Frucher of The Clean Fight, Christian Weeks of enVerid Systems, Inc., Ben Myers of Boston Properties and Matt Eggers of Breakthrough Energy for a session titled "How Game-Changing Climate Solutions are a Win/Win for the Built Environment"

  • COP26 Preview: Spotlight on UK real estate’s climate change ambitions

    As the UK prepares to host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow on 1-12 November, UK real estate leaders discuss the sector’s progress to date and challenges ahead to ensure a more sustainable future.

  • A Call to Action: The role of real estate in reducing carbon emissions

    The carbon agenda is at the forefront of the Biden administration, and many states and cities within the US have introduced legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As the investment community increasingly focuses on ESG, real estate owners and users must ask themselves: What is the role o...

  • Fireside with Rudin Management: 20 Years of Green Development

    Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech welcomes his friends John Gilbert and Michael Rudin of Rudin Management Company to discuss how organizations can achieve long-term green development goals within the industry.

  • The Tech Perspective: Adopting Innovation is the Solution

    CREtech’s CEO Michael Beckerman and Felicite Moorman, Esq., Vice President, Community Connect at RealPage, Inc, will be unpacking how the adoption of new innovative technologies will be the solution of the future.

  • Keynote: Concrete Results

    Opening session at the CREtech Climate Virtual Summit. Don't miss a special keynote session featuring Jennifer Mitchell, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Manager, Workplace at LinkedIn.

  • Showcasing Leadership in Sustainability

    Fifth Wall's, Tyson Woeste, interviews strategic LP, Hudson Pacific Properties (HPP), about their audacious corporate social responsibility plans. Join us, to hear how HPP's SVP of Innovation, Sustainability and Social Impact, Natalie Teear, weaves technology and sustainability into their CSR str...

  • Taking the Lead on Embodied Carbon: Guidance for Building Owners and Investors

    Investors, developers, building owners, and tenants are uniquely positioned to lead in decarbonizing construction through their role in spurring new projects and setting project requirements. Businesses that take a leading role in committing to truly net-zero goals that include embodied carbon wi...

  • How to Green your Portfolio

    Join Ryan O'Connor (Clinton Management), Sara Neff (Kilroy), Becca Rushin (Jamestown), Sonu Panda (Prescriptive Data), and Stonly Blue (Urban Us) in a discussion on how to connect the dots between owners and tech to arrive at a more climate positive position in the industry. Hear from the owner, ...

  • Co-Chair Keynote with Minta Kay of Goodwin

    Co-Chair Minta Kay of Goodwin is joined by KP Reddy and Nick Durham of Shadow Ventures for an in depth discussion on how waste management plays a role in ESG today and long term.

  • How to Build the Smartest and Greenest Office Buildings in the World

    Want to reduce your building's climate footprint and create a sustainability powerhouse? Learn how in this special earth day session featuring EY's Matthew Narracott, Nordics Real Estate Leader | Business Enablement and Jeffrey Chulick, Global Real Estate Technology and Innovation Leader.