CREtech New York 2023

  • 2023 CREtech New York Recap

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  • Opening Remarks from Christophe Garnier of Upflex

    Christophe Garnier of Upflex speaks to the future of flexible workspaces.

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  • Opening Remarks from Nicole Granath

    Nicole Granath of Tangible Materials shares insights on how she plans to turn buildings from a cause of the climate crisis into a solution.

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  • 2023 RETAs Winners Announced: Epic Cleantec

    Hear from 2023 RETAs Winner: Epic Cleantec!

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  • 2023 RETAs Winner Announced: Kastle

    Hear from 2023 RETAs winner: Kastle!

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  • 2023 RETAs Winners Announced: EliseAI

    Hear from 2023 RETAs Winner: EliseAI!

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  • A Path to Net Zero Buildings Through a Digital Technology-First Approach

    To meet the 1.5C targets by 2050, we need to triple our efforts and focus on activities with quick and efficient results. Reducing operational emissions from buildings by 5% annually until 2050 is crucial for meeting this goal. Our research shows that renovating existing buildings with a digital ...

  • Digital Twins – Enabler For True Building Lifecycle Intelligence

    From planning to construction and the operation of a building, huge amounts of data are created by multiple stakeholders. However, this valuable information resides mostly in silos and thus becomes inaccessible throughout a building’s lifecycle. This not only creates inefficiencies due to constan...

  • Enabling the Sustainable Building of the Future Powered by Technology

    40% of all global carbon emissions are generated from real estate and account for one of the largest expenses for governments and enterprises. KPMG, Johnson Controls and Prescriptive Data have teamed up globally to help businesses to effectively tackle these priority areas leveraging business pro...

  • A New Approach to Capital: Empowering CRE with Tokenization

    Our distinguished panelists include:

    Sanjeev Birari - Founder & CBO
    Aron Dutta - Founder, Investor at Sntnl Digital
    Jeannette Spaulding - Consultant at Tassets
    Demetrius D. Ford - Managing Director, Digital Assets at Randolph & Main Capital Group, LLC
    Nathan Burrell - Managing Director at Randol...

  • Unbullsh*t your AI Strategy

    AI is the buzzword du jour across all industries including real estate. However, the opportunity for AI-driven strategic growth is real. From individual productivity gains to enterprise-wide solutions, AI tools will fundamentally change the real estate industry. This session will help you separat...

  • What Role is Technology Playing in Combating Headwinds Facing Today's Market?

    In this fireside chat Triggr and WiredScore will discuss how the CRE industry is utilizing smart building technology and certifications to stay competitive in the current market. They'll deep dive into how technology is being used to drive down operating costs, enhance occupier experience, and is...

  • Role of Technology in Scaling Climate Solutions for the Built Environment

    Built environment (real estate & construction activity) is responsible for over 40% of global GHG emissions. The industry collectively needs to work towards decarbonization and regulations like NY LL97 are providing a much-needed impetus for it. As we navigate this generational shift, this sessio...

  • Driving Value Through Technology

    Technology provides both challenges and opportunities in real estate. Join the founders of BlueStreak, Fortress and Work & Mother for a panel discussion on how technology can drive true value for owners, operators and tenants in a turbulent and transformative decade for real estate.

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  • Accelerating Proptech Adoption for Operational Success

    Across almost every sector, from retail to manufacturing, technology is shaping new business models and services, unlocking new efficiencies, and creating opportunities for innovation. The real estate sector has been relatively slow in embracing technology, but companies are successfully adopting...

  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to AI in the Enterprise

    AI is rapidly making its way into the workplace, creating new possibilities that can be daunting to navigate. Join TermSheet CEO Roger Smith and MetLife's Scott Dunphy for an eye-opening conversation that will explore the implications of using AI in the enterprise, and how professionals can deriv...

  • Doing Real Estate Better: What’s Missing And What Do We Need?

    Hear from MaryAnne Gilmartin, the Founder and CEO of MAG Partners, and Josh Panknin, the Director of Real Estate AI Research & Innovation at Columbia University Engineering. They will be discussing ways to improve real estate practices, including identifying areas that need improvement and explor...

  • Transforming Communities with Jonathan Rose Companies

    Hear from Jonathan Rose, President, Jonathan Rose Companies, in this fireside chat with Matt Knight, Executive Director, Foundation for Innovation in Real Estate, as they take a deep dive into how Jonathan Rose Companies is transforming communities.

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  • Getting to Net Zero Emissions

    The U.S. Government has set ambitious goals to achieve net zero emissions in the U.S. building stock, including office, industrial and residential. This panel will explore how three federal agencies are establishing policies, programs, and incentives to work with industry to implement innovative ...

  • State of Sustainability in the Built World

    Hear from top real estate executives who are dedicated to leading and accelerating the way toward achieving net zero emissions. These leaders are also exploring the most promising technological solutions to help decarbonize the real estate sector.

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  • A Partnership In Innovation: How AvalonBay & Navitas Are Driving Tech Forward

    In this groundbreaking fireside chat, hear from Benjamin Schall and Travis Putnam as they discuss AvalonBay's industry-leading innovation strategy, processes, current focus and interest areas.

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  • How the “Rent Tech” Tech Stack Can Streamline Operations Across a Portfolio

    The number of technology companies focused on the multifamily and SFR sectors has grown dramatically in the past few years, and a wide range of these platforms are driving clear operational efficiencies for owners and operators.

    This session will feature a wide-ranging discussion between Joanna...

  • Startups Decarbonizing Real Estate

    The next phase of real estate decarbonization will require cutting edge hardware and software solutions. On the backs of favorable financing, local ordinances like LL97, state and federal incentive programs, and strong leadership on ESG from CRE leaders, new startups are springing up to fill thes...

  • Using AI to Exponentially Increase Energy Savings and Reduce Carbon

    Strategic Synergy: Optimizing Operations with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Fulfill Owner and Tenant Expectations Amid Evolving Regulations, Net Zero Goals, and the Hybrid Workplace Revolution in Commercial Real Estate.

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