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Attend the largest commercial real estate tech virtual events. Network with industry leaders, hear about commercial real estate tech trends and discover the most innovative startups at CREtech events.

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CREtech Events
  • CREtech London 2024 Recap

    Episode 1

    Watch the recap of CREtech London on 8-9 May, Europe's Leading Innovation and Sustainability Conference Devoted to Reimagining the Built World

  • AI Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate: A Fireside Chat with JLL’s CEO

    Episode 2

    During a fireside conversation at CREtech London in May, Christian Ulbrich, CEO of JLL, and Raj Singh, Managing Partner of JLL Spark Global Ventures, discussed the transformative influence of AI in commercial real estate. Led by Head of Content Emily Wright, the conversation explored how AI techn...

  • Breathing Life Back Into Our Spaces, Places, and Cities

    Episode 3

    At CREtech London, an insightful panel discussion brought together prominent policy leaders who are shaping the future of urban landscapes. The session delved into the strategies, innovations, and collaborative efforts revitalizing our cities. The panel highlighted the influential players behind ...

  • The Power of the Technology Partner Ecosystem

    Episode 4

    Join HID, Cureoscity and SwiftConnect as we dive into the challenging and ever-changing landscape of mobile credentials. The three industry-leading organizations have collaborated together to bring simplicity and automation to scaling and reducing friction for the user journey. Mobile credentials...

  • What Good Is AI When We Still Struggle With Actual Intelligence?

    Episode 5

    The acceleration of artificial intelligence is now disrupting and, in certain cases, distracting the real estate industry. In response to this disruption, our industry is scrambling to understand how emerging AI solutions can create value within their enterprise. During the ‘scramble’, the indust...

  • What Occupiers Really Want

    Episode 6

    What are the world's biggest occupiers looking for from their sites, spaces and buildings? How are they addressing decarbonisation? Tackling tenant retention? And, as en masse flight-to-quality continues, what boxes are they ensuring are ticked when it comes to the physical representation of thei...

  • From London to Lochfauld

    Episode 7

    How is one of London's best-known office developers planning to reduce energy costs by managing its own electrical needs? Derwent London's chief executive Paul Williams took to the CREtech London Main Stage this 8 May to reveal how the company behind iconic London schemes including The White Coll...

  • Evolving Cyber Security Threats

    Episode 8

    How safe is your business? How about your portfolio? What about the building you work in? With a 14-year background in a UK police force specialising in the Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Units Jake Moore is the Global Cybersecurity Advisor for ESET, Europe's leading cybersecurity firm. In this...

  • How the Gamechangers are Futureproofing the Built World

    Episode 9

    When it comes to thinking differently, a fresh take on the world we live in is crucial. From breaking down barriers to pushing boundaries, join some of the real estate sector's most ambitious, fresh gamechangers as they talk about how they are reframing the way the wider sector designs, develops,...

  • It's All About the Data: AI and the Built Environment

    Episode 10

    The Head of Google Maps, otherwise known as Google's geographer, Ed Parsons takes to the stage to delve into the role of AI in data and mapping in this unmissable keynote from one of the major players bridging the gap between the Built World and Big Tech.

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  • Inside the City Tower Bucking the London Office Leasing Trend

    Episode 11

    The chief executive of developer Stanhope David Camp and Oliver Tyler, director of world-renowned architecture practice WilkinsonEyre are the visionaries behind one of London's most sustainable, digital and trend-bucking tall towers. 8 Bishopsgate, a 51-storey office building in the heart of the ...

  • Meet the Urban Power Players

    Episode 12

    The biggest names in UK regeneration join forces to reveal how they are future-proofing the large-scale projects redrawing our cities.

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  • The Man Behind the World's Most Famous Projects

    Episode 13

    One of the industry's most sought-after structural engineers, Hanif Kara is the technician behind the best-known projects in the world. With clients including Google, Apple, Bloomberg, and EDGE, he is tasked with turning the most ambitious of designs into a reality. In the face of AI, net zero ca...

  • Decarbonisation Without Carbon Tunnel Vision

    Episode 14

    It's at the top of everyone's agendas, as well it should. But how can real estate companies and bosses make sure they are hitting decarbonisation targets and creating future-proofed portfolios without losing the essence of our spaces, places and buildings? In this session we are joined by the cl...

  • Net Zero at Scale: Creating a Global Climate Hub at Earls Court

    Episode 15

    The new Earls Court masterplan is set to become on of London's most innovative and unique new districts. Alongside 2.5 million sq ft of workspace, 300,000 sq ft of retail and leisure and a series of landscaped, 'Exhibition Gardens', Earls Court will also support climate tech start-ups, scale-ups ...

  • A Decade of Deals: Lessons From One of the Built World's Earliest Tech Investors

    Episode 16

    It has been 10 years since Pi Labs opened its doors - and its metaphorical cheque book - to the world of real estate technology. One of the most prolific investors, and a great connector between property and innovation teams across Europe, the VC has backed some of the sectors best known innovato...

  • Has Sustainability Had Its Day?

    Episode 17

    Why there is nothing worse for our planet than sustaining the status quo. Join global design practice Gensler's ESG consultancy director and principal, Juliette Morgan, for this must-see closing keynote. Morgan will boldly offer a very different perspective on the language we use, and the actions...

  • Unlocking Value in Commercial Real Estate through Climate Adaptation

    Episode 18

    Join climate change experts in understanding the impacts of climate risk to assets and potential value in asset-level climate adaptation. This session will lay the foundations of climate adaptations and provide tangible examples on how the real estate sector can mitigate the expected losses from ...

  • Carbon Neutral Workspaces: Harnessing Analytics for Sustainable Futures

    Episode 19

    Watch now for an enlightening 25-minute session titled "Carbon Neutral Workspaces: Harnessing Analytics for Sustainable Futures." This session, presented by a leading expert from CIM, a pioneering building analytics company, will dive into the transformative power of data and analytics in achievi...

  • Rethink HVAC with Transformative Solid State TTAP Platform

    Episode 20

    TTAP [Terminal Treatment of Air with Peltier] from Halton, in partnership with Phononic, is an HVAC terminal unit using Thermoelectric technology to provide all-electric solid state cooling and heating. This technology eliminates fossil fuels and the need for hydronic loops common with incumbent ...

  • Using Scores and LLM Trends to Measure Resident Experience

    Episode 21

    A session on how residential property managers and investors can use scores and LLM trends as a differentiator in how they maintain their standards and measure their resident experience.

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  • Generative AI, PropTech, and Human-Centric Real Estate

    Episode 22

    Why the smartest PropTech companies will be using Generative AI to create the best, most human-centric real estate in history.

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  • Digital Twins: Realising more Value from your Built Assets Today

    Episode 23

    Learn how cutting-edge technology can unlock the potential of your building’s data to help you managing your buildings more efficiently. See how fast and easy a Digital Twin of your building can be created by using technologies like 3D laser scanning, Building Information modelling (BIM) or IoT.

  • Beyond Bricks: Shaping 60 Dawson Street's ESG Agenda through Technology

    Episode 24

    Tune in for an informative Fireside chat to learn about how MARK have embedded technology into their flagship Dublin project, realising an exceptional occupier experience. This sets a new standard for their ESG agenda.

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