Virtual Summits

Virtual Summits

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Catch up on all of the sessions from our popular Reimagining Real Estate Virtual Event Series. Browse through our Global Summit from July 2020 (, our Sustainability Summit from September 2020 ( and our recent Business Intelligence Summit ( to hear from the leading experts in real estate tech and innovation.

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Virtual Summits
  • How Building Analytics Can Transform Operational Performance

    Episode 8

    Building analytics enables resource-efficient and environmentally responsible buildings by finding the energy and operational efficiency issues and opportunities that people alone can’t. Discover how large building owners and operators are using data-driven insights to revolutionise their respons...

  • How is your building actually performing?

    Episode 7

    Building owners are often sitting on a pot of gold. Data from your BMS and other sources such as meters and IEQ sensors can provide intelligence to reduce energy consumption, increase occupier comfort and improve maintenance. Listen to how many prominent players in the property industry are utili...

  • The Future of The Office

    Episode 28

    An overview of the future of the office, discussing the ways in which trends have been accelerated or changed by the pandemic and how we will adapt to new ways of working.

  • Tech Demo with Apex Mobiletech

    Episode 6

    Darrell Cann the Managing Director at Apex will demonstrate the APEX product. Experience ten minute tech demos from the most innovative tech companies in commercial real estate.

  • Tenant experience: combining tech, data and people

    Episode 5

    Real estate is coming to an era where digital approach and safety will play an even more critical role. As the needs of today's tenants change, what you should focus on as a landlord, asset manager, property manager, and community manager? How do you leverage a mix of technology, data, and people...

  • Flood Futures: Building a More Resilient Britain

    Episode 31

    Tom Telford the Account Director at Landmark will explain the history of the flood futures dataset. He will run through the key themes and scenarios modeled, the case of Exeter, national statistics. What does the data show us on a national scale?

  • Case Study: Technology in the Workplace

    Episode 32

    CREtech Talk with James Pellatt the Director of Workplace and Innovation at Great Portland Estates. Passionate about making the most of available technology to make our workplaces more healthy, productive and open for innovation. He is a Board Member for British Council for Offices and member of ...

  • How Reonomy Unifies You with Data in Times of Crisis

    Episode 4

    Join Reonomy’s Director of Sales, Colin Callahan, as he walks through the Reonomy platform and explains how you can leverage data to continue growing your business during uncertain times. In this interactive session, Colin will answer all of your hard-hitting questions while delivering a live dem...

  • Data Fireside Chat with Bob White, RCA

    Episode 34

    Join Cherre CEO, L.D. Salmanson, for a Fireside Chat with Bob White, CEO and Founder of Real Capital Analytics. L.D. and Bob will discuss how real estate data has evolved over the past 20 years, including the proliferation of vendors, the advent of new and unique data sets, the increase in liquid...

  • Better Tech and Better Data Creates Better Process

    Episode 35

    Sineesh Keshav of Prologis and Emily Wright of Estates Gazette dissect the benefits of an increasingly data-driven style of real estate management and why staying on the leading edge of technology is crucial to success. Sineesh explores the concept of digital transformation and how improving effi...

  • Driving Lease Performance

    Episode 37

    This talk will cover: The pandemic and impact of future office leasing, how last mile delivery and e-commerce is saving the industrial sector, tenant renewal and new lease risk, how to maximize NER in a new market

  • Nimble Real Estate

    Episode 38

    Michael Phillips of Jamestown and Emily Wright of Estates Gazette review the rapidly changing world of data-driven real estate management. Getting an edge through innovation hubs, crowdsourcing, data analytics, and curated tenancies has made a huge impact on Jamestown's business. Financial analys...

  • Live Discussion with HqO

    Episode 39

    An interactive discussion with HqO

  • Healthy Buildings in the “New Normal”

    Episode 40

    Ben Myers, Vice President, Sustainability at Boston Properties and Bryan J. Koop, Executive Vice President – Boston Region at Boston Properties talk through Commercial their ESG strategy and implementation, climate change, renewable energy, healthy buildings and urban ecosystems.

  • The Big Shift for Owners

    Episode 3

    The coronavirus pandemic is upending real estate and accelerating change. Cloud-based technology solutions are being adopted at breakneck speeds to transition to remote working environments. However, the true value of cloud-based solutions lies not in workplace mobility, but in unlocking real-tim...

  • Quantifying the “Technology Deficit” of Multifamily Properties

    Episode 42

    In this solo presentation, Jeffrey Kok, Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Information Officer of Mill Creek Residential will help us understand the gaps in technology, bandwidth, business continuity, and planning capacity.

  • Navigating the Next Normal with JLL

    Episode 43

    Business leaders must reimagine workspaces and the supporting technology to meet new health and safety standards, evaluate key employee needs, and connect a more dispersed workforce. Quartz’s Heather Landy and JLL Global CEO Christian Ulbrich discuss the role of technology as we navigate the next...

  • Proptech Meets Multifamily Finance: Greystone Tells All

    Episode 44

    Greystone’s founder, Stephen Rosenberg, is joined by the firm’s new PropTech strategist, Philip Miller, for a discussion about being a leader in your business while embarking on a PropTech journey. Is it better to buy or build to achieve your goals? Moderator Clelia Warburg Peters of Bain Venture...

  • The Digital Revolution of Investor Relations and Fundraising

    Episode 45

    Uncertain market conditions have triggered a new digital revolution of how to approach investor relationship management and fundraising. AppFolio Industry Principal Michael Sebastian will discuss how investment managers can leverage new technologies to prepare their business for rapid execution o...

  • Navigating a Crisis with Data

    Episode 47

    With CRE businesses evaluating the tumultuous economic landscape and attempting to predict the end or changes from an unprecedented health crisis, we see more and more people & companies turning to data to inform their decision making. Whether through historical analysis, predictive analytics, or...

  • Tech Demo: Giraffe

    Episode 2

    Tech Demo with Giraffe

  • Tech Demo: Meet the REACH Commercial Class of 2020

    Episode 1

    Bob Gillespie, Executive Director at REACH Commercial, introduces you to the founders of the REACH commercial class of 2020. The demos give a sneak peek at their tech. This class represent solutions around brokers, owne, operators, fintech, insurance, amenities and housing.

  • Why Investment Should Anchor Real Estate Companies’ Sustainability & ESG

    Episode 50

    As we navigate our way towards a post-COVID world, there is another secular, global environmental risk that the real estate industry must also confront: climate change. It is clear that decarbonization poses an existential threat to real estate assets, leaders, and firms. Many companies have inde...

  • Returning to Work: How to do it safely and ways you can prepare now

    Episode 51

    Getting back to work is a top priority for most organizations right now, but can it be done quickly and safely? Our panel will discuss the current sentiment in the market and timeline regarding returning to work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, plus technology tools that can help businesses provide ...