The Global Perspective

The Global Perspective

The Global Perspective
  • REaaS, Tokenization, and the state of CRE in Latin America, Part 3

    Carlos Rousseau, Co-founder and CEO of Orange Investments, looks to increase tokenization and green technology into the CRE industry in Latin America.

  • REaaS, Tokenization, and the state of CRE in Latin America, Part 2

    Carlos Rousseau, Co-founder and CEO of Orange Investments, reveals how REaaS, or Real Estate as a Service, is transforming the landscape of commercial real estate, and how technology plays a pivotal role in this transformation.

  • REaaS, Tokenization, and the state of CRE in Latin America, Part 1

    Carlos Rousseau, Co-founder and CEO of Orange Investments, discusses the challenges the real estate industry faces in Latin America, and worldwide, and how technology can achieve solutions across various verticals when implemented strategically.

  • Carlos Rousseau

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  • How the CRE Tech Market is Evolving in Asia Pacific, Part 3

    Raja Seetharaman, Co-founder of propstack, speaks to how technology is transforming the historically opaque nature of the real estate market in Asia Pacific to become much more transparent, and how this will benefit owners, operators, and tech companies.

  • How the CRE Tech Market is Evolving in Asia Pacific, Part 2

    Raja Seetharaman, Co-founder of Propstack, discusses how the United States real estate market is connected to that of Asia Pacific, and where they differentiate themselves.

  • How the CRE Tech Market is Evolving in Asia Pacific, Part 1

    Raja Seetharaman, Co-founder of propstack, sheds light on how the commercial real estate technology industry is transforming post-COVID in Asia Pacific, and what technology he thinks will have the biggest impact going forward.

  • Check out CREtech London 2021!

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  • Change or Be Changed - How Product Management, Outcomes and Tech is Evolving

    Hilary Reynolds, Global Head of Product Management, Advisory & Transactions and Marketing, CBRE, challenges the current trajectory of PropTech and how it needs to disrupt existing business models.

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  • Landmark: Bringing Data to Life

    As part of the UK’s largest property and land data business, Landmark Information supports the entire value chain of the property industry.
    With more than 25 years experience, our data, technology and services power confident property and land decisions for architects, surveyors, estate agents, e...

  • Making London a Smarter City

    London's first Chief Digital Officer, Theo Blackwell, leading on London-wide digital transformation, data and smart city initiatives at City Hall, will provide a high level overview of London's initiatives.

    Theo's role involves:

    - Strategic leadership on the digital transformation agenda for L...

  • ESRI: Exploring London’s New Neighbourhood Using GIS

    The incorporation of advanced location intelligence into the programme of a major development – Brent Cross Town – is accelerating efficiency and productivity in the construction industry, leading to richer insights, more accurate predictions, and better decision-making. In this session, you’ll l...

  • How Data is Changing the Role of the Asset Manager

    Featuring Alexander Gebauer, CEO West Europe, Allianz Real Estate, and Guy-Montague Jones, Analysis Editor, React News.

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  • Learn How Real Estate Teams are Using Technology to Execute Winning strategies

    There's a lot of talk about digital transformation, but how do high-performing teams really stay ahead in a world of change? In this session, we'll share the views of visionary leaders responsible for some of the largest portfolios in European real estate - learning about the critical role of tec...

  • Innovation for Commercial Real Estate Owners and Investors

    Industry leaders’ insightful discussion on technology adoption within the CRE investment industry. Successful strategies, barriers to innovation and acceleration through Covid-19.

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  • Best of Both Worlds

    Moody’s Analytics CRE is delivering holistic risk assessment data and insight through intelligent solutions designed specifically for real estate professionals. realxdata, a leading financial management platform for CRE market participants, is now part of Moody’s Analytics. See how we are integra...

  • M&A: The Growing Consolidation of PropTech

    Featuring Faisal Butt, CEO, Founder & Chairman, Ben Lerner, Managing Director of Lerner Associates, Jonathan Willen, CEO of Europi Property Group and Idriss Goossens, Founder of RELEVATION.

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  • The Democratization and Unitization of Real Estate

    Real Estate has been hampered for decades by illiquidity and frictional cost of trading. As the sector embraces both technology and change, the opportunity for the unitization of single assets to create a globally accessible new market in major real estate assets exists. This development will imp...

  • Climate Keynote: Guy Grainger

    Featuring Guy Grainger, Global Head of Sustainability Services & ESG, JLL; Vice President, British Property Federation, and Emily Wright, Head of Special Projects and Tech Editor, Estates Gazette.

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  • Plentific: Digitalising Property Management

    The real estate industry is faced with tough choices in creating and maintaining reliable service delivery. Cost pressures and stringent regulatory requirements make it increasingly difficult to maintain quality and speed while keeping on top of costs.
    Plentific’s product suite empowers people in...

  • HQO: How Technology is Shaping the Future of the Workplace

    Samuel Warren, Managing Director of HqO UK & IRE is joined by Craig O’Donnell, Head of Digital Innovation at Grosvenor Group. They’ll discuss the Grosvenor Group’s approach to create more active, open and integrated spaces where communities are physically and digitally connected.

    Join them to h...

  • Climate Goals for Real Estate Portfolios - How to Reach Them in Practice?

    With the right understanding of data’s role in reaching sustainability targets, you can tackle pressing industry challenges like ESG reporting and benchmarking with the push of a button. We’ll explain how you can calculate carbon risk and how to determine the right retrofit roadmap for your build...

  • Why it Matters – The Case for Systemic Change

    Featuring Mikkel Bülow-Lehnsby, Chairperson of the Board, NREP A/S.

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  • Data Evolution: From Predictive Analytics to Monetization

    Sophisticated commercial real estate companies are scrambling to hire the most brilliant mathematicians. They are looking to harness the opportunities that advance mathematics like predictive analytics and complex modeling to positively impact their business. They are also exploring a new frontie...