Tech Talks

Tech Talks

Hear from the world's leading real estate and tech professionals in easily-digestible segments. These talks will cover a wide range of topics and span the global real estate sector. Choose from the topics that are most relevant to your business from the worlds of real estate, tech, venture, academia, government, and more. Every segment of real estate will be covered including office, residential, multifamily, retail, logistics and hospitality.

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Tech Talks
  • Ideating and Integrating Your Tech Stack

    Robert Entin, EVP & CIO of Vornado Realty Trust, discusses the difference between delivering what a client wants, and what a client needs to give them the competitive advantage, and how technology can make all the difference.

  • Reframing our Approach to the Built World

    Travis Connors, Co-founder & General Partner at Building Ventures, challenges us to reframe the way we look at buildings and to focus on technology that will eliminate the inefficiencies and waste from the production process.

  • Transforming the Real Estate Landscape

    Matt Boras, Investor at RXR Realty, dives into why platforms are the future rather than point solutions, and how integration is the key to successful tech transformation.

  • The Current State of the Canadian and US Markets

    Deena Pantalone and Joanna Creed of Venturon share their thoughts on current market trends and predictions, and offer advice to navigating a volatile economy.

  • Capitalizing on your Differentiator

    Paul Stanton, Co-Founder and Partner at Proptech Bankers, shares insights on how he’s approaching the industry, technology, and investing opportunities.

  • Building Frictionless Properties

    Carrie Denning Jackson, VP of Innovation Operations at Jamestown LP, talks eliminating friction, what she looks for in new tech solutions, and turning data into profit.

  • Evolving Company Culture with Technology

    Brian Vaughn, Sr. Director of Operational Technology Solutions at Cushman & Wakefield, discusses how mandates are affecting technology progress, the benefits of decentralizing the workplace, and why we should break down the proprietary nature of technology solutions.

  • Transforming Problems into Opportunities

    Lisa Picard, Partner at Sway Ventures, reflects on years of experience to share advice on how to approach creating a functional tech stack, and how to transform what most would see as problems, into real estate opportunities.

  • Ubiquitous Wifi, EV Charging, and the Tech that's Transforming CRE

    Jameson Hartman, Vice President of RET Ventures, discusses the value of connectivity across your portfolio, and what technology sectors he’s most excited about going forward.

  • Why Now?

    Andrew Ackerman, Strategic Advisor to Second Century Ventures, discusses key factors that contribute to today’s unique investment landscape, and what universal truths dictate how and when he invests.

  • Navigating Technology Growth in a Difficult Economy

    Cecilia Li, Chief Information Officer of Urban Edge Properties, provides insight on the Urban Edge Properties approach to integrating new technology solutions, and gives advice to startups in the industry.

  • Crucial Drivers for Sustainability in CRE

    Join Sonu Panda and Michael Daschle for a conversation on Sustainability in CRE.

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  • Mazyar Mortazavi

    4 items

    Mazyar Mortazavi, CEO and President of TAS Impact, lays out his technology roadmap, as well as how he created a tech-forward company culture.

  • Andres Guzman

    4 items

    Andres Guzman, Head of ESG, Europe, at Tishman Speyer, discusses decarbonization, ESG, and why it’s important to consider environmental impacts at every stage of an investment

  • Ilan Zachar

    4 items

    Ilan Zachar, CTO of Carr Properties, discusses data, how to evolve your technology strategy, and why a ‘wise’ property beats a ‘smart’ property.

  • Sammy Pahal

    4 items

    Sammy Pahal, Managing Director at UK PropTech Association, examines how CRE can make strides against climate change, leverage data for real change, and bring the industry together by utilizing the right tech.

  • Jim Carr

    4 items

    Jim Carr, Chief Innovation Officer at BentallGreenOak, discusses utilizing data, identifying needs, and how to create actionable strategies to suit those needs.

  • Michael Ambjørn

    4 items

    Michael Ambjørn, Managing Director at PropTech Denmark, explores the market forces that will have the largest impact on the future of commercial real estate in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

  • Paul Chen

    4 items

    Paul Chen, Co-Founder of Asia PropTech, uncovers the secrets to success in the Asian CRE markets, and emphasizes the importance and value of clean data.

  • Dr. Roland Igbinoba

    4 items

  • Sean Godoy

    4 items

  • Jeanne Casey

    4 items

  • Jonathan Hannam

    4 items

  • Brian Vaughn

    4 items

    Brian Vaughn, Senior Director of Operational Technology Solutions at Cushman & Wakefield, speaks to the importance of creating a big-picture technology strategy to streamline the process and experience for the end users.