Product Demos

Product Demos

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Experience demos from the most innovative tech companies in commercial real estate! In each demo, technology companies showcase their products and answer your pressing questions. Virtual Demo Day is the best way to discover startups and solutions you need to know about without leaving your desk. Plus, its FREE to register >

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Product Demos
  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Lsquared

    Episode 5

    Digital signage that allows you to control all of your digital screens from one place. Share news, policies, menus, video and more to from one central platform controlling all of your signs in any location.

  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Openpath

    Episode 4

    Creates a frictionless experience that minimizes contacts with surfaces, allows deeper insight into occupancy and security, and enables lockdown safety measures in case of an emergency.

  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Ava Security

    Episode 3

    Intelligent security that can identify and report security threats in real time to authorities with notifications. It also allows for a variety of integrations and use cases such as people counting and access control.

  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Relogix

    Episode 2

    Gain detailed insight into occupancy and how your spaces are being used so you can make the most of your space.

  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Condeco

    Episode 1

    Flexible workspace booking that allows employees to reserve any workspace, anytime, anywhere.