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Product Demos

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Experience demos from the most innovative tech companies in commercial real estate.

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Product Demos
  • Tech Demo: E X P L O R E by virtuall

    Episode 1

    The ultimate automated sales and marketing platform for spaces and places. It’s global marketing that is always on, delivering qualified sales leads 24/7

  • Tech Demo: Brivo

    Episode 2

    In this series, learn the best way to effectively onboard and integrate tech solutions with your organization. This data-rich platform can help increase security, improve your tenants' experiences, automate visitor management, and protect the health and safety.

  • Tech Demo: ID Plans

    Episode 3

    Hear from ID Plans CTO Jordan Hearin during this exciting tech demo. ID Plans is a Go-To Solution to Lease Retail Space Faster.

  • Tech Demo: Land Intelligence

    Episode 4

    Gore Bolton, Founder & CEO of Land Intelligence delivers a tech demo. Land Intelligence is the rating agency for land. By leveraging big data ingestion, on-the-ground relationships, and a patented software algorithm, Land Intelligence is a time and cost-efficient solution to the land acquisition ...

  • Tech Demo: Sine

    Episode 5

    Sine is a Honeywell company trusted by thousands of to enhance safety, security and compliance for visitors, staff and contractors.

  • Tech Demo: Rise Buildings

    Episode 6

    Rise Buildings provides an all-in-one solution for the real estate industry. Based in Chicago, Rise Buildings is a global leader in the property technology space, delivering best-in-class Access, Operations, Engagement, and Advanced solutions to the biggest owners and operators in commercial and ...

  • Tech Demo: KAIROS

    Episode 7

    Technology Demo of Kairos IoT, Flexible printed sensors and smart meters designed to prevent billions in annual water damage and waste for property owners and insurance carriers.

  • Tech Demo: Facilio

    Episode 8

    Discover a Tech Demo presented by Vishak Chandra Prakash Pre-sales Manager at Facilio. Facilio is an AI-driven property operations platform allows real estate owners to aggregate building data, optimize performance, and control portfolio operations.

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Insurance Solution - Dealpath

    Episode 9

    Tech Demo by Dealpath, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Insurance Solution Category. We believe that real estate is driven by people with information to shape our built world. At Dealpath, our goal is to transform the way the built world operates by powering its investors and deve...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Multifamily - MeetElise

    Episode 10

    Tech Demo by MeetElise, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Multifamily Category. MeetElise is a rapidly growing tech company based in New York City dedicated to modernizing apartment leasing and operations by using artificial intelligence to create an automated and self-service expe...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Retail - Mallcomm

    Episode 11

    Tech Demo by Mallcomm, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Retail Category. Mallcomm is a product by leading marketing and innovation company Toolbox Group. Founded in 2000, Toolbox Group has grown to be one of the largest specialist agencies serving the real estate sector. The com...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Office - HqO

    Episode 12

    Tech Demo by HqO, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Office Category. The HqO team is building software and services for commercial real estate firms to deliver a winning tenant experience in a single building or across global portfolios. Our award-winning software puts new experien...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Data - Cherre

    Episode 13

    Tech Demo by Cherre, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Data Category. Cherre seamlessly connects disparate real estate data and makes it accessible to the entire organization. Cherre’s platform helps investors, insurers, real estate advisors, and other large enterprises to collect,...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Residential - Great Jones

    Episode 14

    Tech Demo by Great Jones, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Residential Category. Great Jones is building modern, full-service, highly tech-fueled property management for the several trillion (!) dollars in rental homes owned by small-scale investors. We are live in our first nine ...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Industrial - Chunker

    Episode 15

    Tech Demo by Chunker, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Industrial Category. Chunker provides a marketplace to easily match any company with currently underutilized warehouse space with any other company that needs a short-term warehouse solution. Then, once a match is made, we ma...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Hospitality - Caspar.AI

    Episode 16

    Tech Demo by Caspar.AI, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Hospitality Category. Caspar’s mission is to ensure seniors can stay healthier in their homes longer. Our pervasive automation as a service enables senior developers to design buildings that consider resident safety and enga...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Construction - OpenSpace

    Episode 17

    Tech Demo by OpenSpace, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Construction Category. OpenSpace automates construction photo documentation with a wearable 360 camera and computer vision. Simply press record in the OpenSpace app, walk the site, and the Vision Engine uses computer vision ...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winners: Capital Markets - NavigatorCRE

    Episode 18

    Tech Demo by NavigatorCRE, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Capital Markets Category. Navigator is a B2B analytics SaaS platform that leverages patented technology to deliver real-time insights that drive operational speed, performance & growth. Navigator delivers in minutes, wha...

  • 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner: Architecture & Design - Parafin

    Episode 19

    Tech Demo by Parafin, 2020 Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) Winner for Architecture & Design Category. No other company uses generative building design to create building designs, budgets and financial models in seconds. Our SaaS platform is changing the way the real estate development industry ...

  • Tech Demo: Voxelgrid

    Episode 20

    VOXELGRID has developed a backpack measuring system and related software with which existing buildings can be digitized at an unrivaled price (2D floor and facade plans as well as 3D BIM models.

  • Tech Demo: Density

    Episode 21

    Density measures how people use space in real-time without invading privacy. Using proprietary depth sensors and deep learning algorithms, the platform accurately and anonymously counts people in real time. Organizations use Density to improve efficiency and enhance the occupant experience in the...

  • Tech Demo: redIQ

    Episode 22

    redIQ is the most trusted deal analysis and underwriting platform on the market for multifamily owners, brokers, and lenders. Our platform allows CRE professionals to extract data automatically from rent rolls and operating statements and sync standardized data into institutional-caliber Excel mo...

  • Tech Demo: Local Logic

    Episode 23

    Local Logic is a data and analytics platform that quantifies the qualities of any given location — from suburban homes to urban high-rises and retail. Founded by a team of urban planners, engineers, data scientists, and real estate experts, the company combines geospatial, user-generated, and rea...

  • Tech Demo: PropertyQuants

    Episode 24

    PropertyQuants offer a Masters-level live hands on course in Applying Data Science & Machine Learning to Real Estate. We also run a non-technical seminar for executives leading digital transformation or data science initiatives at real estate companies.