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Product Demos

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Experience demos from the most innovative tech companies in commercial real estate.

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Product Demos
  • Virtual Demo Day June 2022 - Fortress

    Episode 1

    Fortress is redefining property management software. We provide real-time transparency into property performance with a user-friendly interface. Fortress revolutionizes property management with its real-time data & KPIs. Experience a new level of success managing leads, applications, renewals, mo...

  • Virtual Demo Day June 2022 -

    Episode 2

    At Density, we believe cities would look different if they knew how they were used. Understanding our relationship with physical space empowers us to reimagine what the built environment can be. 11,370 new buildings are being built every day and 39% of global carbon emissions come from existing b...

  • Virtual Demo Day June 2022 - OneCommute

    Episode 3

    OneCommute is a suite of applications for Transportation Management Associations, Transit Organizations and Employers who have employees that commute.

  • Virtual Demo Day June 2022 - Microshare

    Episode 4

    Microshare’s EverSmart solutions combine our proven ability to deploy data-driven IoT solutions at scale with the hard-won lessons of COVID-19. During the pandemic, our Clean=Safe innovations, including Universal Contact Tracing, Touchfree FeedbackTM and data-driven cleaning, helped our clients s...

  • Virtual Demo Day May 11 - Prescriptive Data

    Episode 5

    Prescriptive Data is focused on providing cost savings and enhanced thermal comfort in built spaces through the intersection of Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT). With its flagship product NANTUM®, Prescriptive Data has responded to market demand for a next-generation b...

  • Virtual Demo Day May 11 - Cervest

    Episode 6

    Cervest is the Climate Intelligence (CI) company putting climate at the core of every decision. EarthScanTM, from Cervest, provides science-backed and AI-driven Climate Intelligence enabling users to discover, quantify and share climate risks on assets they own, manage or rely on. Bringing togeth...

  • Virtual Demo Day May 11 - Measurabl

    Episode 7

    Measurabl is a widely adopted ESG (environmental, social, governance) data management solution. Customers use Measurabl to measure, manage, and report ESG data on more than 12 billion square feet of commercial real estate across 90 countries. Measurabl helps the industry’s most innovative compani...

  • Virtual Demo Day May 11 - Manifest Climate

    Episode 8

    Manifest Climate Inc.’s SaaS+ platform brings clarity, efficiency, and knowledge to organizations. We are a climate-focused software company powered by world-class in-house climate expertise, and a global leader in empowering organizations to learn, govern, disclose and act with climate confidenc...

  • Virtual Demo Day February 2022 - Pointr

    Episode 9

    Pointr’s state-of-the-art indoor location and mapping systems enable you to transform your buildings into smart offices. This enterprise-ready platform creates detailed digital maps at scale, offering turn-by-turn directions when wayfinding within buildings and outdoors between buildings, helping...

  • Virtual Demo Day February 2022 - Mapped

    Episode 10

    Mapped is a data infrastructure platform for IoT, powering the API economy. Capable of quickly mapping all devices on a network in commercial and industrial IoT environments, Mapped is changing the dynamic for how data from complex environments is extracted by simplifying the data integration pro...

  • Virtual Demo Day February 2022 - LandGate

    Episode 11

    LandGate is the leading provider of information, data solutions, and an online marketplace for US commercial land resources: solar, wind, carbon, oil & gas, minerals, and water. The company helps landowners, real estate agents, investors, and developers understand energy and environmental resourc...

  • Virtual Demo Day February 2022 - Sook

    Episode 12

    In a world where you are whatever you want to be. Sook Spaces are anything you want them to be. Pop up, event space or a place to chill. Meditation in the morning, art exhibition at midday, latest film releases in the evening. Sook is the new 21st century.


  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Lsquared

    Episode 13

    Digital signage that allows you to control all of your digital screens from one place. Share news, policies, menus, video and more to from one central platform controlling all of your signs in any location.

  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Openpath

    Episode 14

    Creates a frictionless experience that minimizes contacts with surfaces, allows deeper insight into occupancy and security, and enables lockdown safety measures in case of an emergency.

  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Ava Security

    Episode 15

    Intelligent security that can identify and report security threats in real time to authorities with notifications. It also allows for a variety of integrations and use cases such as people counting and access control.

  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Relogix

    Episode 16

    Gain detailed insight into occupancy and how your spaces are being used so you can make the most of your space.

  • Virtual Demo Day Presented by Lenovo - Condeco

    Episode 17

    Flexible workspace booking that allows employees to reserve any workspace, anytime, anywhere.

  • Virtual Demo Day November 2021 - HID Global

    Episode 18

    HID powers the trusted identities of the world’s people, places and things. Every day millions of people in more than 100 countries use our products and services to securely access physical and digital places. Over 2 billion things that need to be identified, verified and tracked are connected th...

  • Virtual Demo Day November 2021 - Turntide Technologies

    Episode 19

    Turntide Technologies has developed the world’s most efficient and intelligent electric motor system. The revolutionary Smart Motor System is based on proven switched reluctance technology, now managed with advanced cloud software and connected to precise controls via IoT. Turntide’s vision is to...

  • Virtual Demo Day November 2021 - Plentific

    Episode 20

    Plentific is one of the fastest-growing property technology companies in the UK and Germany, with offices in Turkey and the US. We empower landlords and property managers with a platform to manage their properties and a marketplace of local trade talent to deliver repairs and maintenance work. Th...

  • Virtual Demo Day September 2021 - HelloPackage

    Episode 21

    Package Solutions, Inc. develops HelloPackage, which is a complete on-site package management solution that includes specially designed smart shelving, sophisticated software, and In-Room services to help manage delivery drivers and resident packages in apartment communities, and more efficiently...

  • Virtual Demo Day September 2021 - VTS

    Episode 22

    VTS is commercial real estate’s leading leasing and asset management platform, bringing together landlords, brokers, and tenants to make deals happen. VTS software enables office, retail, and industrial landlords and brokers to transform their leasing process and convert leads to leases 41% more ...

  • Virtual Demo Day September 2021 - Dottid

    Episode 23

    Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Dottid provides a digital process management solution that drives commercial real estate leasing transactions designed by and for CRE professionals. Dottid aims to revolutionize the CRE industry through the use of technology and streamlining the...

  • Virtual Demo Day September 2021 - Building Engines

    Episode 24

    Building Engines improves net operating income across the world’s most successful commercial real estate (CRE) portfolios. Our customers increase revenue, deliver the best occupant experience, and reduce operating costs with Prism – the industry’s most innovative and powerful building operations ...