From Our Partners

From Our Partners

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Important and timely video about the state of the real estate tech landscape from our partners, the most innovative technology and real estate companies who are driving innovation in our industry.

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From Our Partners
  • Crucial Drivers for Sustainability in CRE

    Join Sonu Panda and Michael Daschle for a conversation on Sustainability in CRE.

    For more from Prescriptive Data, visit:

  • The Great PropCo Opportunity

    Episode 1

    Join CREtech & Alpaca VC’s upcoming webinar ‘The Great PropCo Opportunity’.
    As the PropTech ecosystem evolves and LP mindsets transition from “PropTech 1.0” to “PropTech 2.0”, there is a clear shift away from learning about one-off, point solutions and a desire to find ways to deploy PropCo capit...

  • ESG and the Future of Sustainability Presented by Measurabl

    Episode 8

    ESG (environmental, social, governance) data has gone from “nice to have” to a leading performance indicator for commercial real estate. ESG standards held by investors and regulators continue to evolve. As a real estate owner, you need to provide more accurate, granular data on demand. You also ...

  • Hott Solutions Announces the Release of Hott Spott, a data feed solution

    Episode 1

    Hott Solutions has provided clients with data integration and transformation services for over ten years. We know the broad range of challenges both the Property Management Company and the vendor receiving data face. That's why we created Hott Spott! Hott Spott collects data by API or custom conn...

  • Who You'll Meet at CREtech London: Weavr

    Episode 1

    Weavr provides Plug-and-Play financial services to innovators who are changing the game.

    To learn more, visit

  • The Global Outlook for Climate Tech Investing in the Built World

    With the Built World accounting for 40% of all carbon emissions globally and VC’s investing more than $40b annually in Climate Tech, an expert panel of VC’s will discuss how and where those dollars are being invested in the real estate sector. Our world-class team of investors representing global...

  • Introducing Real Estate Tech360

    Episode 1

    With thousands of PropTech companies in the U.S., how do you know who the leaders are? Get instant access to this highly researched list to help you understand the evolving property technology ecosystem.

    Download the Real Estate Tech360 at

  • Developing in the Metaverse: Virtual Real Estate and the Blockchain

    Episode 1

    These days, everyone and their corporate parent company is talking about the metaverse, from Microsoft to Nike to fka Facebook. Digital platforms are beginning to emerge as key gateways to the metaverse, with a corresponding virtual land grab to claim ownership on these platforms. Currently, virt...

  • Who You'll Meet at CREtech San Diego: XY Sense

    Episode 1

    XY Sense is a technology company on a mission to revolutionize the workplace through the power of AI.

    To learn more, visit:

  • A Special Announcement From Second Century Ventures and CREtech

    Episode 1

    Second Century Ventures, one of the most respected and active early stage PropTech investors in the industry and CREtech, the largest global content and conference company devoted to innovation in the Built World, unveil an extraordinary partnership that seeks to explore and raise awareness of te...