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CREtech Events

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Attend the largest commercial real estate tech virtual events. Network with industry leaders, hear about commercial real estate tech trends and discover the most innovative startups at CREtech events.

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CREtech Events
  • CREtech San Diego 2022 Recap

    Episode 1

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  • Investment and Innovation in the Metaverse

    Episode 10

    Mark Grinis, EY Americas Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction Leader
    Ernst & Young LLP, and Jeff Chulick, EY US Managing Director and Workplace Insight Leader, Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction Ernst & Young LLP, will help you gain insight into the metaverse and its potential impact on t...

  • Building the Right Infrastructure to Power the Future

    Episode 2

    Sustainability is a key driver as we collectively work to strengthen and streamline the global supply chain. With new technologies and emission reduction legislation, businesses around the world and across industry sectors are embracing electrification, especially when it comes to delivering thei...

  • Perspectives on Hybrid Work

    Episode 3

    A panel consisting of Corinne Murray (Vice President, Workplace Strategy+Culture Transformation at Impec Group), Scott Hazard (VP/Global Head of Real Estate, Workplace Experience, and Workplace Journeys at Atlassian), Jak Churton (Managing Director at JLL, Sara Andersen, Head of Real Estate and W...

  • How One REIT Deployed the Latest “Rent Tech” to Streamline Operations

    Episode 2

    To say that Rent Tech adoption has exploded over the last two years would be an understatement. Companies are announcing the implementation of a new Rent Tech platform seemingly every day of the week. But implementation alone isn’t enough to improve financial performance. It takes strategic tech-...

  • Welcome Address

    Episode 1

    Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech, welcomes the audience and starts CREtech San Diego.

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  • Fireside Chat: Michael Beckerman, CREtech & Jeff Morrison, Brivo

    Episode 5

    Presented by Brivo

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  • Tech And Innovation Experts Leading The Way

    Episode 6

    Hear from technology and innovation executives as they share their perspectives on integrating technology & strategies within their organizations. Presented by Cherre.

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  • The Future of Office

    Episode 7

    Join Bridge Investment Group’s Mark Ferris, EQ Office’s Charlie Hobey, and Silverstein Properties’ Guy Vardi for a panel discussion, moderated by SwiftConnect CEO & Co-Founder Chip Kruger, on the latest innovation in large real estate portfolios. The group will discuss new technology, design, and...

  • Keynote Conversation: Brad Greiwe, Fifth Wall & Ryan Marshall, PulteGroup, Inc

    Episode 8

    Ryan Marshall, President and CEO of PulteGroup, will be interviewed by Brad Greiwe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Wall, in a keynote discussion. PulteGroup is one of nation’s largest and most diversified homebuilders with operations in more than 40 major markets. With 20 years of home...

  • Streamlining Multi-Site Management with Technology

    Episode 9

    While there are many challenges for property owners and managers with multiple buildings, running different technology across different sites is a leading cause of rising costs and frustration.

    Learn from Mikki Ward, VP Real Estate Technology at EQ Office, Nick Ramsey, Innovation & Technology Ve...

  • Carbon Reductions Beyond Energy

    Episode 11

    For the last 10 years real estate has been focused on reducing emissions related to energy consumption in operating assets. But, the vast majority of a building’s carbon emissions exist outside of those emissions and instead are generated in the creation of building materials, transportation, and...

  • Keynote Conversation: Travis Putnam and Dallas Tanner

    Episode 12

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  • Unveiling The Real Estate Tech360

    Episode 12

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  • Decarbonizing the Built World: One Investment at a Time

    Episode 14

    With the Built World responsible for 40% of all carbon emissions, the industry has an enormous opportunity to be a huge catalyst for getting to NetZero.

    Hear from Shaun Abrahamson, Managing Partner at Third Sphere, Logan Soya, Founder & Chairman at Aquicore, Jennifer Place, Principal at Fifth Wa...

  • Creating the NextGen “Carfax” for Buildings

    Episode 15

    Have you imagined a world where transacting on a real estate asset would be as easy as buying a car? In today’s market, those seeking to build safer, healthier, more exciting, and more profitable real estate spaces are forced to make operational and financial decisions with an obscured view of th...

  • Productivity and Profitability: How ConTech Leads to Better Outcomes

    Episode 16

    The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the previously steady growth in construction technology development and adoption, and all parties in the building ecosystem are reaping the benefits.

    During this session, we’ll hear directly from the leaders of three top general contractors and explore their ...

  • The 20-Minute Neighborhood and the Equitable City

    Episode 16

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the widening wealth gap has amplified a rethink of the needs in our communities, igniting conversations about the 20-Minute Neighborhood as a popular framework for city planning. In this keynote address, Gensler's Global Cities and Urban Design Leader Andre Brumfield sug...

  • Data-Driven Investment

    Episode 18

    Did you move over the past two years? Have you recently used Airbnb? How often do you Uber? Do you order your groceries? In the world of everything-as-a-service, real estate is a part of everything. As people become less attached to their physical environment, real estate becomes a commodity. In ...

  • How Quality Of Life and Sustainability Drive Returns

    Episode 19

    The past two years have underscored the risk of ignoring and, conversely, the opportunity of using data to understand the impact of specific location characteristics on real estate investment decisions. Learn from Sara Maffey, Head of Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Local Logic, abou...

  • Innovation Roulette: What's Hot and What's Not?

    Episode 19

    Presented by Brivo

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