CREtech Climate Podcast

CREtech Climate Podcast

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The CREtech Climate Cast is a podcast series devoted to educating, inspiring, and leading the built environment to address the world’s biggest crisis - climate change. Tune in to in-depth conversations with the leading real estate and tech innovators from across the globe with CREtech Climate CEO, Michael Beckerman. The series will host conversations on how the real estate and tech sectors are driving transformational change to decarbonize the Built World.

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CREtech Climate Podcast
  • Erik Landry - Setting the ESG Benchmark

    Erik Landry, Climate Change Specialist at GRESB, discusses the suite of products they manage that give real asset managers and investors the tools they need to make informed decisions regarding climate-related risks. Erik also shares insights into how we can get the real estate industry to mobili...

  • Zachary Smith - Inventing The Way Out of Climate Crisis

    Zachary Smith, CEO of Zauben, shares his vision for Zauben and how the platform helps the built world address climate change and embrace sustainability. Zachary also shares insights into their experience with The Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change program.

  • Menno Lammers - Creating a Sustainable Society

    Menno Lammers, Founder of PropTech for Good, unpacks the mission and core objectives behind PropTech for Good and initiatives such as the Ambassador Network. Menno also discusses Society 5.0 and its implications on PropTech and the built world.

  • Bryan Bennett - Decarbonizing CRE with Data

    Bryan Bennett, CEO and Founder of Cortex Building Intelligence, takes a deep dive into how their real-time actionable insights improve sustainability and increase ROI for the commercial real estate industry. Bryan also shares lessons learned from building and scaling Coretex and practices that wo...

  • Brett Phillips - Sustainability in Solar

    Episode 5

    Brett Phillips, Vice President of Unico Properties | Unico Solar Investors, discusses the strategy behind the formation of Unico Solar in 2017, the impact that the solar industry has on an eventual net-zero world and insights into their high-profile project, Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle.

  • Emilie Mazzacurati - Understanding Climate Risk

    Emilie Mazzacurati, Founder & CEO of Four Twenty Seven and Global Head of Climate Solutions at Moody's ESG Solutions, discusses how risk management and mitigation is equally important in the fight against the impacts of climate change.

  • Travis Connors - Investing In A Better Built World

    Travis Connors, Co-Founder and General Partner of Building Ventures, sheds light on their investment process, what types of investments they are looking for in the climate tech space and advice for first-time entrepreneurs entering the climate tech industry.

  • Nikolas Samios - Leading The Way In Europe

    Nikolas Samios, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of PropTech1, takes a deep dive into why Europe is leading the way in addressing climate change and an overview of what they look for when investing in early-stage companies.

  • David Harris Kolada - Green Tech Investing

    David Kolada, Managing Partner of Greensoil PropTech Ventures discusses their new $100m green PropTech fund, what types of investments they will be making and some of the startups they have invested in. David also shares insights into scaling climate tech in the built environment.

  • Becca Rushin - Implementing Sustainability & Social Responsibility

    Becca Rushin, VP Sustainability & Social Responsibility at Jamestown provides an overview on why sustainability is an integral part of Jamestown’s mission and why companies should be investing in climate technologies and social responsibility. Becca also shares how technology plays a role in sust...

  • Dan Doctoroff - Tackling Cities’ Greatest Challenges

    Dan Doctoroff, Founder & CEO of Sidewalk Labs, discusses the big vision that formed Sidewalk Labs and the connection with Google that made them the ideal partner. Dan also shares their mission at Sidewalk Labs and his thoughts on the role the public sector will play in legislating net zero commit...

  • Natalie Teear - Culture for Climate Change

    Natalie Teear, Senior VP, Innovation, Sustainability & Social Impact of Hudson Pacific Properties, unpacks how they built and implemented a sustainability and socially responsible culture. Natalie also highlights the company’s 2020 corporate responsibility report, including plans to achieve the g...

  • Raphael Rosen - Pathway to Decarbonization & Net Zero

    Raphael Rosen, CEO of Carbon Lighthouse, shares insights behind his technology solution, how it is unique in the marketplace and how we address the climate crisis with a greater sense of urgency that it needs.

  • Jacob Arlein - The Fight Against Climate Change

    Jacob Arlein, CEO of Stok, walks us through projects they are most proud of and how that work has impacted the sustainability of their client’s real estate, the best practices and technologies they have seen in the market and sustainability initiatives they have and are implementing at Stok.