CREtech Climate Podcast

CREtech Climate Podcast

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The CREtech Climate Cast is a podcast series devoted to educating, inspiring, and leading the built environment to address the world’s biggest crisis - climate change. Tune in to in-depth conversations with the leading real estate and tech innovators from across the globe with CREtech Climate CEO, Michael Beckerman. The series will host conversations on how the real estate and tech sectors are driving transformational change to decarbonize the Built World.

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CREtech Climate Podcast
  • Michael Daschle - Unpacking Commitments and Strategies for Net-Zero Carbon

    Episode 1

    Michael Daschle, Senior Vice President of Sustainability at Brookfield Properties delves into the unique commitments and strategies of Brookfield Asset Management towards achieving net-zero carbon, uncovering the rationale behind their approach, how it translates into a sustainable return on inve...

  • Anja Kristina Köhler - The World Needs Better Buildings

    Episode 2

    Anja Kristina Köhler, Head of Sustainability at EDGE unveils the deep-rooted sustainability ethos driving EDGE's real estate development background, with the company's powerful mantra, "The world needs better buildings," and how it shapes their every endeavour. Anja, delves into the galvanizing p...

  • Stonly Blue - Building a Better World For Everyone

    Episode 3

    Stonly Blue, Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Third Sphere characterizes the core philosophy of Third Sphere, which focuses on supporting founders who transform theory into action going beyond altruism and embracing nuanced thinking to bring their amazing solutions into the world. Stonly delves i...

  • Micah Kotch - Investing In The Future's Resources

    Episode 4

    Join us in this episode as we delve into the world of sustainable and tech-driven investments with Micah Kotch, Partner at Blackhorn Ventures. We'll explore their investment thesis and strategy, focusing on the future of climate technology and the evolution of sustainable investments. Discover th...

  • Martin Powell - An Alternative Perspective On Climate Change

    Episode 5

    Martin Powell, Axa's Group Sustainability Director and editor of "The Climate City" book, delves into groundbreaking solutions for urban resilience amid climate change. Discover the pivotal role of technology in emission reduction and the far-reaching impact of our choices on the planet and infra...

  • Anneli Tostar & Nicole Granath - Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

    Episode 6

    Join Anneli Tostar, CEO & Co-Founder, and Nicole Granath, COO & Co-Founder of Tangible, as they discuss their professional journeys and why sustainability matters to them. Explore the vision behind the inception of the Tangible platform and how it addresses marketplace challenges. Their recent su...

  • Mike Kazmierczak - Strategize, Digitize, Decarbonize

    In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Mike Kazmierczak, Vice President of the Decarbonization Office at Schneider Electric, to unravel the complexities of achieving sustainability and decarbonization goals in the built environment. Mike shares insights into his personal commitment to sus...

  • Genevieve Gravina - Let’s Go Solar, Let's Go

    Join us for a deep dive into real estate decarbonization with Genevieve Gravina, CRE Sales Lead at Omnidian. In this conversation, we delve into the intricate workings of Omnidian, exploring how the platform collaborates with real estate entities to strategize and execute effective decarbonizatio...