Breton Birkhofer

Breton Birkhofer

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Breton Birkhofer
  • Investing with a Learning Mindset, Part 3

    Breton Birkhofer discusses the importance of technology in creating a solution for affordable housing, and why he’s concerned that the industry is not moving fast enough to address climate change.

  • Investing with a Learning Mindset, Part 2

    Breton Birkhofer of DivcoWest reveals what he believes to be the top characteristics of successful investors, and why he’s so excited about occupier-focused technology.

  • Investing with a Learning Mindset, Part 1

    Breton Birkhofer of DivcoWest addresses the most important criteria for him when evaluating a new investment, details the value he places on a founder’s passion and vision, and explains why he believes there has never been a better time to be in PropTech.

  • Investing with a Learning Mindset Trailer

    Breton Birkhofer of DivcoWest discusses the importance of adopting a learning mindset when approaching difficult decisions in CRE investments, and shares what he’s most excited about for the future of PropTech.

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